How to buy betta fish from Thailand?

Buying betta fish from Thailand is not difficult than you think. I will explain a simple purchase process so that everyone can understand.
Let me give you an example of what I'm doing right now. For example, to send betta fish from Thailand to countries in the EU, the steps are as follows.
1. Buyer agrees to buy betta fish from Thai betta seller.
2. The betta seller sends the fish to the betta fish collector from Thailand ( Thai transhipper).
3. Betta fish from Thailand send betta fish to Germany via Air cargo to Frankfurt Airport, where the betta fish receiver at Frankfurt Airport (German transhipper) will clear the documents and customs. brought out of the airport
4. When German transhipper takes the fish out of the airport, the betta fish will be delivered to the customer in the EU country via UPS express. It takes 1-2 days to arrive at the customer's address.
Transportation costs are as follows.
1. Air cargo freight from Thailand to Germany, 4-inch bags 120 baht/bag and 5-inch bags, 200 baht/bag .The customer pays this freight to the betta fish seller and the betta fish seller pays this freight to the Thai transhipper on the day of collecting betta fish.
2. Shipping and handling fees via UPS express, please inquire and pay this part to German transhipper directly. Details as below

Germany Contact:
Jan Samann
Hand phone no. :01711978485
Facebook: Jan Samann

Or you can go to this website . Please register your name , address , basic info and pay shipping/handling fees directly through the website.

Please note that the German transhipper will deliver the betta fish to the buyer after the buyer has paid. Therefore, the buyer must check and complete the payment before the fish delivery date.

All described here are simple steps to buy betta fish from Thailand to Germany or EU countries. For other countries , there will be a similar pattern, not much different. Please ask directly to betta collectors/transhippers from other countries.

History of Skyhawk

Back in year 2003, I had a betta that was different from normal betta fish. The dorsal fin is protruding forward rather towards the head. If you look at the side of the fish, it looks like a hawk spreading its wings in the sky. So I named this betta Sky Hawk, that's the origin of the word Sky Hawk.
That fish I brought to compete in betta contest in Thailand. Unfortunately, the fish did not receive any awards due to other serious flaws.
The Sky Hawk betta has been developed from generation to generation. We can find both short-tail betta and long-tail betta. Some bettas have sky hawk fin sticks out much more than an old-fashioned betta. Some bettas have anal fins that protrude forward like the reversed Sky Hawk fins that make it even more beautiful.